Vision & Strategy


Our vision is to move towards production and cash flow within a short time frame and leverage the exciting mineral prospectivity represented by the Company’s other Fijian project areas. As such, the focus is specifically aimed to restrict future demands on shareholders for further working capital by generating early cash flow at the Sigatoka heavy mineral (iron sand) Project.

It is our belief that few other junior companies can offer such an exciting yet balanced portfolio of exploration projects at such an early stage of their corporate history.

Following on from the Sigatoka iron sands development is the potential for rapid discovery of epithermal style gold-silver deposits at Kadavu Islands and porphyry copper-gold at the Namoli and Wainivau Prospect in Central Viti Levu. The latter offers exposure to the possibility of a world-class porphyry discovery.


We have a clearly defined strategy to progress exploration and development activities on our project portfolio. These activities and unique value propositions include:

  • we have focused initial exploration strategy on three wholly owned areas totalling 38,763 ha prospective for mineral deposits in Fiji
  • we have use of a new and innovative sonic drilling technology, which is capable of both very rapid drilling and the recovery of reliable, virtually intact samples from the magnetite and gold bearing sediments of the Sigatoka delta
  • we applied Ionic leach metal ion soil geochemistry methods to locate concentrations of metals hidden under cover on the Nadrau and Ono tenements
  • significant gold, silver and/or copper anomalies have been identified at the Namoli and Wainivau Prospects on the Nadrau SPL and high sulphidation epithermal gold, silver and copper on the Ono SPL.
  • follow-up geological and alteration mapping of the geochemically anomalous Wainivau Prospect has discovered outcropping porphyry intrusive with copper-magnetite veins
  • four anomalous areas are now ready for 3D Induced Polarisation surveys and exploratory diamond drilling
  • Dome has an experienced, highly qualified board and management team with many years’ experience in Fiji and in the exploration and development of mineral deposits